Jeep Accessory

Jeep Accessories

There are a number of very important accessories that no serious jeeper should be without. Beyond just making a jeep look cooler, some accessories can get you out of serious trouble when you are out in the wilderness with your jeep. Without some of these accessories, you will have to wait on a rescue that could take hours or even days. If you have just bought a jeep, read on for some tips about what every jeep should be equipped with.

If you bought a jeep, odds are you intend to use it for some serious off

roading. Off roading will frequently leave you stuck for a variety of reasons, and having the right jeep accessories can get you out of those nasty situations. Jeeps break down and get stuck when off roading, and having the right jeep accessories can mean the difference between continuing on or being stuck for hours on end. Not to mention the sense of experience and authority it gives your jeep to have all the right jeep accessories visible.

Perhaps the most important of all jeep accessories is the high lift jack. In bad terrain, tires can often become mired in mud or otherwise stuck. To get them loose, there is no better tool than the hi-lift jack. A hi-lift jack will allow you to boost the jeep out of the mud, moving it forward or back, or even side to side. This is an indispensable tool when driving over uneven terrain where you could easily get stuck. Every serious jeep enthusiast should have a hi-jack lift for off roading.

A fire extinguisher is also among the most important jeep accessories. With a fire extinguisher you can prevent your jeep from bursting into flames should an accident occur. Without a fire extinguisher, you might be forced to watch your jeep go up in flames helplessly. Every jeeper should have a fire extinguisher, as they are inexpensive, and it's just plain common sense to have one. Try to get one with a pressure gauge, so you'll know that your equipment is functional.

A CB radio is also among the top jeep accessories to own. CB radios are inexpensive, and come in sizes that can fit easily in your jeep. CB radios can be fun to listen to, and can also come in handy during any emergencies that you may have. Although you may not end up using a CB radio, it can be comforting to know that you have some form of communication available at all times. A tow strap is also one of the critical jeep accessories. A tow strap will allow your jeep to be pulled out of sticky situations, or allow you to help out other jeepers. This is very important to have along when attempting difficult terrain. Without a tow strap, it will be very difficult to remove your jeep from mud and other traps.

Other essential jeep accessories include a flash light, as well as all the important fluids. A flash light can help when trying to change a tire in the dark or fix an engine problem. Be sure to always have essential fluids, such as oil and coolant, on hand. Believe it or not, duct tape is also one of the essential jeep accessories. Duct tape can help you fix any number of problems that can crop up when off roading. Duct tape can fix leaky hoses, keeping your jeep running until you can have the damage permanently repaired.

Be sure you have all the essential jeep accessories before going on an off road adventure. Jeep accessories not only keep your rig running, but also give you the air of an experienced jeeper.